Information source types. Knowing which to use is half the battle…

Search Engines / Wikipedia /
Great for pre-research, as a directory, and when you have no idea where else to look.

News Aggregators
Advanced search functions allow you to narrow in on information needed, and are great for finding reputable sources.

Research Vendors
Information is expensive, but some vendors provide useful data in press releases, summaries or have blogs worth following.

Case Studies / Academic
Case studies provide a deep dive into a company’s history and strategy.

Company Investor Relations pages
A treasure trove of information for public companies – financials, transcripts, presentations.

There is an association for everything. Some provide free industry data and have accessible in-house experts who don’t mind chatting.

Trend Sites / Blogs
Great to monitor ongoing….you never know when this information will be of use.

Bank Analyst Coverage or Consulting Firm Research
Get analyst perceptions of a company’s business strategy or the surrounding industry.