Company Rankings

Company rankings can be useful for a variety of reasons. You want to see a company’s competitors, or if they’ve declined or risen in the list over the past few years. Are they known for being most innovative, green, or admired? What is their brand value, or are they being acknowledged for their diversity?

When looking at a ranking list be sure to take note of 1) is this the most recent list? and 2) what are they being ranked by?

Ranking the Brands

  • This is your one-stop-shop for a searchable collection of brand/company rankings. You can search by company name and see where they come up, or browse by category or industry.
  • *I suggest using this site to find relevant rankings, but then go to the actual provider site to make sure you have the most recent list, read the methodology, and see if they have additional reports or analysis.


  • Forbes publishes lists on people, companies, and places. Company lists include the most innovative, best employers, most valuable brands, best small companies, largest private companies, and more.


  • Besides the Fortune 500, they also publish rankings for most admired companies, best companies to work for, fastest-growing, and companies best positioned for breakout growth.


  • Interbrand has been publishing lists for the top 100 global brands since 2000, and you can select and compare company performance historically.