Multi-Industry Options for One-Off Market Research Purchases

You don’t have a lot of time or money – but you want to get up to speed on an industry fast, or you need market size projections for your presentation tomorrow. There are a lot of vendors to choose from, so here are some details to help with your research selection.

Few notes to consider before making your purchase:

  • Make sure you’re buying the most recent report!
  • Not sure sure exactly what the industry is called? Search using a company name and see what industry reports come up in the results.
  • If buying from an aggregator, take a look at a publisher’s site before making a purchase. Are there benefits from buying directly from the publisher, such as an excel file or analyst access? Also, it may take longer to get questions answered about purchased research or data when purchasing from an aggregator.
  • Most reports come with options for licensing. Take this seriously! If you’re buying a report with a single-user license, there may be some unexpected limitations (and potential legal implications) that would make it difficult to share with colleagues.


  • Research aggregator that includes company and Industry reports (800+ industry sectors) published by multiple vendors
  • Global, regional and country-level reports
  • Report content varies by vendor
  • Cost varies by geography and vendor, the average is approx $1,500
  • Includes a custom research service

  • Research aggregator that includes company and industry reports published by multiple vendors
  • Global, regional and country-level reports
  • Cost varies by geography and vendor, starting at $300
  • The site includes a “Search Inside Report” option which shows your search term along with a snippet of the surrounding text
  • Their Profound product allows you to buy a section of a report (which is cheaper than buying the entire report). The service requires a subscription, but makes sense for frequent report purchasers that have very specific data needs


  • Many industries covered
  • Global reports as well as coverage for select countries, and for U.S. states
  • Cost for a single report starts at $925. IBISWorld provides options for unlimited access for upwards of $1,100 depending on US or global coverage
  • Table of Contents provides a brief industry overview, and you can download a report sample
  • Typical industry reports include forecasts for revenue, establishments, employment, exports, imports, wages. Stats are given for annual key ratios and industry data. Reports also include an industry at a glance section, products and markets, competitive landscape, and operating conditions


  • Many industries covered
  • Global and country-level reports
  • Cost starts at $1,500 (discounts available for multiple report purchases)
  • Report types: Forecasts, Case Studies, and Insight Databooks
  • Report samples can be requested


  • Many industries covered
  • Coverage for 210 countries
  • Cost starts at $250, most reports are in the $1,300 – $2,100 range
  • Reports include forecasts, category data, brand shares, market shares, competitive landscape, and market trends
  • Site provides access to report samples


  • Many industries covered
  • Global, regional, and country reports
  • Cost for a single report starts at approx. $1,400
  • Consumer reports are survey-based and provide analysis based on syndicated research and include market size and forecasts
  • Purchased research may come with a PDF, infographic overview, excel data booklet, ppt presentation, word report, online access, historical access, and/or analyst access

Frost & Sullivan

  • Many industries covered, reports tend to have a focus on technology and disruption
  • Global (some regional reports)
  • Cost starts at $1,350
  • Report types: technology alerts, megatrends, trackers, strategist forecasting, market outlooks, customer research, economic databases, and analyst briefings
  • Report samples can be requested
  • iFrost subscription product provides database access for custom data pulls


  • Many industries covered
  • Global with some shorter U.S. reports
  • Shorter “focus” reports for the U.S. start at $750. Lengthy (200+ plages) global reports range between $3,000 – $7,000
  • Some reports allow you to purchase by the section, so you can buy exactly the tables or sections that you need
  • Reports include historical and forecasted market data by region and country. Market share is given for one year by region

What did I miss? Please feel free to comment with any preferred research vendors for making one-off (no subscription required) purchases.

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